Pook Elementary School is in the town of Kalibo on the northern coast of the island of Panay.


Pook is one of sixteen barangays in the municipality of Kalibo. It is in the province of Aklan which is in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.


Pook Elementary School


Pook is the location of Kalibo International Airport on the outskirts of Kalibo.

How we help

In December 2022 some trustees were once again warmly welcomed by the Head, Mr Joray Ignacio and his staff.  We were able to deliver a number of copies of Developing Reading Power which we had been able to purchase from St Mary's Publishing in Laguna.


Previously we had provided photocopy paper to help with the distribution of on line learning materials.

Did you know?

Pook Elementary School has around 160 students.


Kalibo is the home of the 'Ati Atihan' festival every January.

Our impact

"We, at Pook Elementary School community, are truly grateful for your benevolence and generous assistance amidst these pandemic.  Your donations will surely be of great help and assistance to our school, most especially to our pupils, who are in dire need of these supplies to receive quality education regardless of the crisis we are now facing. As it is, due to the current circumstances, we are bombarded with concerns as to how to provide a complete set of handouts to each of our pupils to cater their educational needs in the new normal platform of education.  Indeed, it is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we acknowledge your gracious support in our school's mission and vision. We are fortunate as your organization chose us to be initial recipients of your remarkable project.  Our gratitude really defy words. We will forever remain indebted of your support and trust.  May God Almighty continuously bless you and everyone involved in your organization with great abundance in all aspects so that you will all continue to be a blessing to others."


Alvin isidro



"Our gratitude defy words for your support in our school endeavors. It will serve not only as our inspiration but also as a living testament of how great God is and how blessed we are because we have your trust and confidence. Your help will always be treasured. Thank you for being our saviour amidst these crisis we are now facing"


Lhed Zapansa Isada