Welcome to the Overseas Development and Education (ODE) website.

What we do.

We provide assistance to elementary schools, healthcare and development projects in The Philippines.


How we fundraise.

In May as well as selling mugs, clothing, buns, cakes and soap we are taking part in Wonderful.org's "May - It's going to be miles better" fundraising event.

How can you help?

The easiest way to lend a hand is a donation - One penny can make a huge difference! There are other ways too.


ODE is currently supporting Pook Elementary School, Igpaho Elementary School and Balila Elementary School with the provision of photocopy paper and toner for their modular courses due to COVID-19. ODE is also supporting Lantangan Elementary School and Hucab Elementary School.


Our Projects

Latest News

ODE is taking part in the Wonderful.org 'May. It's going to be miles better challenge.'


The new Canon printer for Igpaho has now arrived while the staff at Hucab are already using the latest batch of paper.